Pittsfield and Jacksonville Follow Up

August 25, 2015

Cow Pastures, 16″ Softball, and How to Change a Tire on a Buick “We’re fine.  The only time we lose our concentration is when the umpire says, ‘Play Ball’!”-  Lou Piniella The typical Saints season runs from May through September but the behind the scenes planning starts in cold winter months leading up to the season.  Early in the year we had only one Illinois state facility (Danville) invite us in….


Saints Travel to Pittsfield WC and Jacksonville CC

August 22, 2015

SaintsTravel to Pittsfield WC and Jacksonville CC! Please pray for our team of missionary athletes. Please pray that hearts will be softened and that the Gospel goes out clearly to the men at Pittsfield!  Keep Jeremy Haab and Robert Cook in prayer as Jeremy shares his testimony and Robert preaches Pray for the men at Jacksonville and that the Gospel will impact the men there.  Please pray for Brent Gerber…


Two New Prisons and Chicago Style Softball!

August 10, 2015

Saints head to Jacksonville CC and Pittsfield Work Camp August 22nd will be our 4th prison visit of the season and we will be heading to two prisons that we have never been to before:  Jacksonville Correctional Center and Pittsfield Work Camp  In a new twist, we will be playing a type of softball that we are not normally used to.  We will be playing 16″ Chicago Style softball.  This type…