Playing in a Tournament vs Playing in Prison

Several of my Central Illinois Saints teammates and I are playing in a benefit for MDA softball tournament this weekend. The tournament runs 72 hours straight and we are waiting for our 2nd game to start at midnight!

Last night was a blast as we won 15-5. As fun as it was to play and especial
ly win, I still had an empty feeling as I was driving home. It was weird to play with this group and not have to worry about keeping track of drivers licences or rushing in and out of a McDonald’s for breakfast. There wasn’t a bus ride home where we discussed the day or a count of the blue cards that we get back from the inmates.

One thing that was fulfilling was praying with these guys before the game and everyone mutually agreeing that we need to maintain our testimony because we may yet have an opportunity to share the Gospel despite just playing in a city tournament.

Several guys spent their time after the game talking to friends from other teams and instead of bringing up our game we played, they they were discussing stories from Jacksonville, Greenville, and Danville and the impact the Gospel made in those places.

I’m proud of this group and I’m looking forward to tonight and looking even more forward until we are playing and ministering in prison again!bracket

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