Alabama Crusade Starts Today!

Today I am leaving for a 5 day trip to Alabama to minister and play in 8 different prisons in 5 days with the Saints Prison Ministry.  I would very much appreciate the prayer support for myself and the 14 other men who will be on the trip.

Here are a few very specific prayer requests for our team:

Traveling Mercies–  Guys are coming from every which way to be on this trip!  Some by car and some by plane!  Once we arrive we will be traveling around 900 miles all around the state of Alabama during the week.

Team Unity–  We will be around each other for over 100 straight hours!  Please pray that fellowship will be sweet and moral will be high as we serve together.  This is a veteran group of Saints and this will be solid group to hang out with all week on and off the field!
Team Performance–  Softball is the tool to get into the prison and minister, but pray that we play well and ultimately play with a Colossians 3:23 attitude and play for God and not for men!  Pray for tired muscles and joints as we will be tested physically.  Our objective isn’t to go 20-0 on the trip but to play at a level that engages the inmates and earns their respect so we can be more effective sharing the Gospel in between games.

Speakers–  Pray for the Missionary Athletes who will be sharing their testimonies of how they met Jesus and for the Missionary Athletes who will be sharing the Gospel.  I will be sharing my personal testimony with the men at FCI Talladega this Sunday afternoon.  Please keep me in prayer that I will speak clearly and effectively communicate how Jesus has changed my life.

Families–  Each of the 15 Missionary Athletes are leaving a family at home so they can minister.  Please pray for all of the wives and moms who have to brave work and kids by themselves.  Pray that kids will be good, cars won’t break down, and appliances won’t fall apart while we are gone!  On a side note, I have appreciated the interest my kids have shown for this trip.  I’m hoping that as they get older they will see a need to participate in missions trips like this and share the Gospel wherever they are at!

Logistics–  There are several intricate details that need to happen in order for us to do what we do!  The weather forecast looks good but please pray for good weather.  Pray that the staff at each facility will be accommodating to our ministry.  Pray that schedules don’t mixed up causing delay.  Pray for continuity as we have to use multiple hotels on this trip.  Pray that the Missionary Athletes don’t forget their driver’s licenses as that is what stands between us getting in the facility or sitting on a bus all day!
Inmates– Finally, pray for the men that we will encounter as they are the purpose of this trip.  Pray that they hear the Gospel and will see a need in their lives to follow Jesus!

I will be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter (@tgibson62) this week.

Thank you in advance for the prayer support and for all of the encouragement many of you have been over the last 4 years!  I’m looking forward to sharing the stories from the front lines!

Thank you and “Go Saints Go!!”


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