Alabama Crusade Day One

We had a great first day of the Crusade at Donaldson Correctional Facility!  We had a mandatory training class at the prison yesterday morning. Since we were able to get done with the training early,  we were able to get an unexpected game in the first half of the day. We won the game and handed out 240 Gospels in the process.

One of the inmates I talked to was a man named Finest. He told me about the Bible classes that he had been taking and how excited he was to tell others about Jesus. He came to know Jesus from a local pastor who had done one on one studies with the inmates.  It is cool to see inmates coming to know Jesus and then having opportunities to be discipled. This has been a cool thing that I have seen in a couple of other prisons this year. We have a really good discipleship program but it is done by correspondence and is something as missionary athletes that we don’t usually get involved with. Praise God for the men and women who dedicate their time to spend one on one time with the inmates who need spiritual mentors.

After lunch we had a 90 minute wait in the front lobby of the prison. That turned our doubleheader into one 5 inning game. We won the game and had to quickly transition to handing out Gospels to the men leaving the chow hall for dinner.

Overall we saw 7 men who indicated they made decisions to follow Jesus and we handed out around 400 Gospels.

Today we head to Ventress Correctional Facility!

Please keep us in prayer as play and minister!

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