Alabama Crusade Day Three

Day three was spent at Bullock County Correctional Facility in Union Springs, AL.  During the third day of any prison trip muscles are sore, sleep isn’t as good, and nerves are shot.  Our nerves were definitely tested as we played and struggled with a couple bad calls from the inmate umpires.  This is always frustrating as you can’t exactly go all Lou Piniella on an umpire while in prison…

Sometimes the games, which serve a higher purpose, get frustrating as we are competitive and want to do our best to see the inmates stay for the preaching time.   All four games were competitive which kept the crowd engaged.  We ending up getting beat the 4th game but it worked out well for the inmates as they were promised Church’s Chicken by the officers if they could defeat us.  One of the highlights for me personally was getting some playing time at 3rd base.  I’ve played there off and on over the years but it was fun to get play there and contribute!

We played 4 games and were able to share the Gospel twice as Jimmy Cochran and Andy Soloman shared their testimony and Gospel in the morning and Rodney Stewart and Wes LeCroy shared in the afternoon.  Wes has a really cool way of sharing the Gospel while using his glove as an illustration.  Wes also serves with a ministry called Gloves 4 God (  One of the tools they use is glove called the “Gospel Glove”.  This glove is made up of six colors each representing something important about our relationship with God.

  • Blue represents creation
  • Gold represents that God wants a relationship with you that lasts forever
  • Black represents Sin and how it separates us from God
  • Red represents the cost of our sin
  • White represents that God forgives and cleanses us from our sins when we believe and confess
  • Green represents growing in faith and understanding

That evening during our devotional time we talked about three reasons Christians quit early on being “All In”.  The first point is because they become bitter and we discussed the story of Leah and Rachel in Genesis 29:31-34.  Leah and been sad because Jacob didn’t love her, then ultimately gave thanks to God for having child before becoming bitter at her sister Rachel.  The second point was about Christians quitting early because they had became lukewarm.  We discussed the passage about he church in Revelation 3:14-18.  The third point we discussed was that some Christians quit early because they don’t understand the cost of following Jesus.  We looked at the parables and expectations Jesus has on a relationship in Luke 14:25-34.

Once again, a great day as we handed out a few more hundred Gospels and saw 20 men indicate that they wanted to follow Jesus!


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