Spring Crusade One Month Away!

Last year I read/listened to the Bible cover to cover.  I hope to make this an annual discipline as 2015 was my best year ever for learning God’s Word.

One of the stories that struck me the hardest while reading last year was in Matthew 4:18-22.  In this passage, Jesus performs the miracle that allows Peter, John, and James’ nets to fill up with fish.  After doing that He asks them to give up their fishing business and follow Him.  I have read this passage several times but it never hit me until last year that they dropped everything to follow Jesus.  They left behind their business (on its most successful day ever!) and their family to follow Jesus.

I love stories like this one because it shows the level of commitment that God is looking for in us.  While He may not be asking all of us to move or quit our jobs, He wants us to make obeying Him and sharing the Gospel the centerpiece of our lives.

I am really excited about this upcoming trip to Florida.  The 2016 Saints Prison Ministry (www.saintsprisonministry.org) Spring Crusade to Central Florida will be my 9th Crusade.  It is hard to believe but I have been blessed to be on 8 different trips as a Missionary Athlete with the Saints Prison Ministry!

This Crusade is shaping up to be extra special.  Joining me from the Central Illinois Saints team on this trip will be Kurt Hand, Bryson Stewart, and Ben Morrow.  Kurt has been on several trips but this will be the first crusade for Bryson and Ben.  I am proud of them for stepping out and sacrificing vacation time and family time to share the Gospel with several men that society would just as soon forget.

I am also excited to serve alongside several of my Saints teammates from across the country.  It is a blessing to serve alongside such Godly men who love the inmates and desire for them to come and know Jesus as their Savior.

The details of the trip are still coming together but one month from now we will be on a bus in Florida heading to our first prison!

I would ask that you keep the following things in prayer:

1.  Pray for the men we will be speaking to.
2.  Pray for the logisitics of this trip.  Cancellations and changes of plan happen….alot!  Please pray that God continues to open doors and allows us to minister to the inmates in Florida!
3.  Pray for financial provisions for the trip.  Some of our guys still need to raise their support for the trip.  Pray that our needs are met for the trip!  If you would like to help out in this area please let me know!

Thank you again for your support!  I am blessed to be part of this ministry and I can’t wait until next month!

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