Citrus Country 2 Florida Crusade Only One Week Away!

The Spring Saints Prison Ministry Crusade is one week away!  This will be my 9th Crusade since becoming part of the ministry in 2011.  We will be visiting 5 different prisons during our trip to Central Florida.

The warmer weather will be great and very much appreciated by me and my Illinois teammates who are traveling with me but I am looking forward to sharing the Gospel with the men in these facilities.  I will have the opportunity to share my story of how I became a follower of Jesus to the crowd at the Central Florida Reception Center in Orlando on Thursday, March 10th.  Please pray that I speak clearly and that the Gospel makes an impact on the men there.

Please keep me in prayer as one of my tasks will be to share team devotions each evening.  The devotions that I am working on for this trip will be on the subject of some of the tougher commands that Jesus gave us.  We will be discussing the tough commands He gave in Luke 9:57-62, the sell everything and follow Me command he gave the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10, and His command to take up our cross and follow Him in Matthew 16.  I am looking forward to discussing these passages in Scripture as well as learning from my teammates during this time!


Keep checking Facebook ( )  and my blog, for updates on how the week is going!


Here is where I will be each day of the trip. Please keep the men at these facilities in prayer!

Wednesday, March 9–  Travel Day (Peoria to Chicago to Orlando)
Thursday, March 10–  Central Florida Reception Center-  Orlando, Florida
Friday, March 11–  Hardee Correctional Institution-  Bowling Green, Florida / DeSoto Correctional Institution-  Arcadia, FL
Saturday, March 12–  Zephyrhills Correctional Institution-  Zephyrhills, Florida
Sunday, March 13–  Polk City Correctional Institution-  Polk City, Florida

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  1. Hey, Tom, “His command to take up our cross and follow Him in Matthew 16” is not a very popular gospel to be preaching today. You’ll take a few lumps and a very few “Amens” from your audience, but then so did our Savior who 1st spoke those commands and they will hate you too like they did Him.

    Beware of the naysayers, who tell you that those were special commands just for the “rich young ruler” which is somewhat true. Mat 6, Jesus is speaking to great multitudes strictly forbidding laying up treasure on earth and again Luke 12:33 Jesus speaking to a crowd beyond counting to sell all or abandon all possessions.

    Jesus would be run out on a rail with that “crazy-talk” in America today…

    God’s Blessings!

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