Spring Crusade Update 1

With Wednesday being a travel day, we officially kicked off our Spring Crusade yesterday with a trip to two different populations to the Central Florida Reception Center.  We saw around 350 men in the first yard and we saw 13 men indicate that they wished to follow Jesus!

When we visited the 2nd population, we only got to see inmate team and the umpire.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to have 3 of our Missionary Athletes visit the chow hall and hand out Gospels of John and have several good conversations.  After our game was over, we were able to circle up with the inmate team and one of our MA’s shared a brief message from the Gospel of John.  After the message, one of MA’s talked to an inmate who said he wanted to follow Jesus after hearing the message.  We talked with him and encouraged him.  One of the cool things that one of my teammates said to him was that his life may harder after following Jesus.  I was able to share my thoughts on all of the times that Jesus tells us that following Him isn’t easy and while salvation is a free gift, it will cost him his comfort.  Watching this young man decide to follow Jesus was by the highlight of my day!

Tonight’s devotion was on Luke 9:57-60.  We talked about some of the difficult things Jesus asks of us if we want to be a follower of His.  We discussed that following Jesus will cost us our comfort, our excuses, and will change our priorities.  This was a great discussion because everyone had stories about missionaries and church mentors in their own lives that either sacrificed comfort and followed Jesus into a foriegn country or sacrificed pride and comfort and served in their lives or in their church’s lives.

Tomorrow we are heading to Hardee CI.  Please keep this facility in prayer as it is a huge blessing to be able to serve Him there!

It is a huge blessing to serve in this ministry and serve with the teammates that I have!  Thank you to all of those who have been praying for me, my teammates, and the inmates that we will be visiting!

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