Arizona Crusade Day Two Update

After waking up to the pouring rain yesterday, we made our trip to FCI Phoenix unsure of what our day would look like.  The field was muddy and there were some standing puddles but the prison recreational director (a former college and NFL lineman) admitted he was old school and said we were welcome to play in the rain and the mud!

We got our two games in yesterday morning and had several great conversations with inmates who were glad to have visitors. During the preaching time I met a guy who was excited that we were there and that he had seen us play before… FCI Pekin. Yes, some 1400 miles away I met a guy who saw us play in Pekin, IL!  He was there for our first game in 2013 and was recently transfered to Phoenix to serve out the rest of his term before going home in a couple of years. He had been asking the administration to bring us in because of the positive impact and strong Gospel presence he had seen from us in Pekin.  I had a chance to pray with him and encourage him as a believer.  Kirk Smith and Jason Culver did an awesome job with preaching. We went to lunch (first time going to In and Out Burger – very good by the way ) and return for our afternoon games. We played well in the morning games and cruised to easy victories but faced the “A” team that evening. We got clobbered on the field but still had lots of opportunities to talk with men and had a great ministry time.  Kevin Greene and Jimmy Cochran did a great job with their testimonies and Gospel presentations.

We are heading to USP Tucson today. Four games yesterday sapped alot of energy so please keep us in prayer for injuries sustained yesterday and those we’ll get today!  Please pray for the hearts of the men we will talk to and that the Gospel will go out effectively!

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