Wisconsin Crusade Day 3 Update

Yesterday was another great yet interesting day in prison.  We had the opportunity to return to Racine CI for another two games and the opportunity to speak to two additional populations.  We won an abbreviated game before yard time was called.  We only had a few minutes to share the Gospel and I had to do a shortened version of the message I prepared.  It was an interesting experience but I am glad I had the opportunity to share with that group!

During the games, I had the chance to sit in the bleachers and talk to serveral guys.  One fun ice breaker was teasing all of the Green Bay Packers fans!  I talked with a guy who specifically asked me to pray for his niece who was in the middle of several open heart surgeries.  I met another guy who asked for prayer as he would be getting out soon and he wanted to be part of a solid church when he got out.

Overall, we saw eight men make decisions to follow Jesus and we handed out 94 Gospels of John

Please keep us in prayer as we travel through rainy Wisconsin to Green Bay CI.

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