Wisconsin Crusade Day 4 Update

Our number one goal is to beat Green Bay.”-  Former Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith

Our schedule had us visiting Sanger Powers Correctional Center for a noon set of games.  Unfortunately, Sanger Powers had to cancel and we spent the morning walking around Lambeau Field.  Being a Chicago Bears fan, I naturally hate everything about the Green Bay Packers but seeing Lambeau was cool!  (Note-  The word hate is strong word usage but totally applicable and acceptable when describing professional sports loyalities!)

I bravely represented my colors by wearing a Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jersey to the stadium and enjoyed the morning touring the grounds with my teammates.  As a sports fan it was cool to see the “Wrigley Field” of the NFL and enjoy the history of one of the greatest sports stadiums in the world!  Despite some friendly heckling from the Green Bay faithful, it was an enjoyable morning and a fun unplanned stop with my teammates.

After lunch across the street from the stadium we traveled to Green Bay Correctional Institution.  This was probably my favorite stop on the trip despite only having a brief time to minister and play.  The prison was built in the late 1800s and was a very daunting stone building with all stone walls around the perimeter of the prison yard.  We got to play around 5 innings (We beat Green Bay- a fun sentence to say!) and then shared the Gospel.  My teammate Wayne Hinkson and I had the opportunity to talk with a gentleman who was very skeptical of what we were there for.  He said that the Bible was distorted and not God’s Word and that Jesus was not God’s Son.  He tried to tell us that the truth about God was found on the internet and not in the Bible.  It was a tough conversation to have as he was all over the spectrum.  We lead him back to God’s Word several times.  I circled John 14:6 (Jesus answered, “I am the way and truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.) in his Gospel of John that we left him.  The yard time closed before we could really reach a conclusion to the conversation.  It was a frustrating conversation but we left him with a Gospel of John that clearly tells us that in the beginning was God and that He has a plan for our salvation and for us to follow Him!

Two of my newest teammates, Duane and Chris did an awesome job during the speaking time.

During the visit we handed out 150 Gospels of John and saw six men make decisions to follow Jesus!

Please keep the man in prayer who is struggling with finding the truth and pray for the six men who made decisions to accept Christ in their lives.

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