Wisconsin Crusade Day 5 Update

Day 5 started out as a long rainy drive from our hotel in Stevens Point to Black River Falls.  When we got to the prison, we were greeted at the front door by the recreation director who told us that all of the outdoor activity had been cancelled for the day but we had a day of volleyball and bags in the gym.  Our team adapted well to spending time playing and hanging out with the men from each dorm.  I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the second group.  I wasn’t originally on the schedule but since my original Gospel presentation had been cut short, I got the opportunity to share again!  Afterwards, I met with a man who was doing time for murder who had indicated on his response card that he had accepted Jesus.  He said that his way wasn’t working and that he was never sure if God would forgive him.  I had a solid conversation with Him and he really understood that Jesus died for all sin and that we need to put our trust in Him and follow Him.  I was really humbled that God used that moment in time to make an impact on that man.  I am very thankful for that opportunity and and it was quite awesome to be there for that!

We then got to enjoy a chicken kielbasa lunch at the prison (probably the 3rd best prison lunch I’ve had!) with the third dorm.  My teammate Steve and I had some solid conversations with three men at our table.  Steve is really good at having small talk with the inmates and turning it into a deeper conversation focused on the Gospel.

As we finished lunch and prepared to head back for an afternoon of volleyball, the officer in charge let us know that they had changed their plans and that we would be playing softball the remainder of the afternoon!  The rain had held off and we were back to the vans to change back into our softball gear.  We won the final two softball games of the trip.  I had a few moments to pick on the Packers fans in the stands and explain why we do what we do.  This was a fun group to minister to.  Our guys did a great job during the preaching time.  I loved hearing testimonies from my east coast teammates Wayne and Chris and I really appreciated hearing longtime Saints veteran Rob and my Georgia friend Jimmy share the Gospel.

Overall on the day we handed out 84 Gospels of John and saw 6 men make decisions to follow Jesus Christ.

Please specifically pray for the young man who accepted Jesus after my sharing time on the volleyball court.  He had doubted that God could ever forgive him for what he had done.  Please pray that he grows and can one day be a missionary inside the wall of the Wisconsin correctional system.

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