Taylorville Visit THIS Saturday!!!

Our original plan was to visit Taylorville Correctional Center LAST Saturday but due to some administrative changes, our visit got moved to THIS coming Saturday.  The schedule changes are always tough but it is amazing how our group of Missionary Athletes are willing to do “Whatever it Takes” to share the Gospel with the inmates to whom we are called to minister.

Taylorville will be a special visit.  Back in 2012, our very first prison to put us on the schedule was Taylorville.  Unfortunately, Taylorville had to cancel and we made our first visit as a team to FCI Greenville.  God’s timing is perfect and Saturday will be a special day!

Here are a few specific prayer requests for our team this weekend:

  • We will be sharing the Gospel two times this weekend!  Please pray that hearts will be softened and that the Gospel goes out clearly to the men that live there.  Drew Aberle will be sharing his testimony and Robert Cook will be sharing the Gospel during the first session.  Sam Isbell will be sharing his testimony and I will be sharing the Gospel during the second session.
  • This will be the first time a Saints team has visited Taylorville.  Please pray that we are received well and that we can effectively share the Gospel on Saturday and that we are invited back for years to come!
  • Please continue to pray for the 23 men from Centralia that said they wanted to accept Jesus last month! (Click HERE for the highlights of the Centralia visit)


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