Kentucky and Pekin Catch Up

When I last posted I was Kentucky bound!  I missed a few weeks but I’m ready to keep the blog going at a weekly rate!  Hold me accountable if I miss this much time again!

Here are some of the numbers and a story from our last few visits:

During the trip we saw 50 men indicate that they accepted Christ while we were there.  We also handed out a total of 1398 Gospels. 

My most meaningful conversation of the trip came at Northpoint Training Center.  I talked to a guy named Jerry who asked that we pray for his wife who had just been in a car accident and for prayer as he was preparing to be released.  This is not an uncommon request.  He said he had been locked up for close to 30 years and she has waited on him to get out this entire time.  It was a good thing that my teammate, Kurt Hand, was there to carry the conversation because I stopped myself to ponder how incredible it was that his wife would wait for him to get out and honor her marriage.   For some reason that really struck me as incredible in this day and age.  I was very excited to share this story with my wife.  I am very thankful for Kelly and that she would stick with me even if I got locked up! 

August 23rd we visited FCI Pekin for the 2nd time.  We saw 12 men accept Jesus that day and we handed out 269 Gospels of John.  I was very encouraged by the way our team played and how we ministered but I had a conversation with a young man who claimed to be Muslim (I believe his name was Theo but I honestly don’t remember).  I talked to him most of the ministry time but he really wanted to argue about the Bible and what parts he thought were not accurate.  I left pretty discouraged that nothing I said really made much of an impact.  I told him how to write me to continue the conversation but he hasn’t written as of yet.  The rest of the day went quite well considering we had a thunderstorm come through a hour before our games. 

September 20th our team went back to Pekin but played the camp side of the facility.  This was a bittersweet day because I had to miss the date because of a scheduling conflict.  I flat out HATED the fact that I had to miss the event that day!  I am very proud of the way our team came together and played well.  We saw 12 more men indicate that they accepted Christ that day and we handed out 127 Gospels. 

We are now officially in our offseason.  I am thrilled to see what God has done with our team the last 3 years.  I will have a final season report post next week. 

Here is how you can pray for our team this fall and winter:

  • Pray that our team continues to grow in their relationship with Christ
  • Pray that more prisons in our area will open their doors and let us visit
  • Pray for all of the inmates who we met this year. Specifically for salvation and growth

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