Email from Corky

This is an email shared by a good friend, Saints teammate, and mentor.  Going to prison to serve isn’t the same when Corky isn’t there!  We have missed his friendship and leadership so far this year but this it is encouraging to know that he is still praying for us! 

Hey guys….
   Greetings from Arizona! I know each of you are super-pumped right now as you get ready for this weekend. I just wanted you all to know how much I miss each of you (tremendously)  and that we are praying for each of you as you serve Him in this ministry. I thought of you guys a lot as I was driving out here last month and the more I thought about it, the more blown away I got by the whole thing. Have you ever stopped to think about how long our Saviour has been working behind the scenes to bring this weekend about? Just realize… decades ago (more for some of us than others!) He blessed you with the physical talent that you show out on the field. He also gave you the passion for sports. Somewhere along the line He brought someone into your life who showed you how desperately you needed a saviour, and THEN he managed to bring someone into your life who told you about a unique ministry opportunity and gave you the desire to step out of your comfort zone and go to prison. All of this in addition to what He did 2000 years ago! Do you realize He knew about Terre Haute and this weekend as He was hanging on that cross! WHY would He do this? #1 Because He loves each of you more than you will ever know!  #2 Because He knows that there are many men in Terre Haute who need to hear the message He has given you to proclaim AND they also need to experience and see firsthand the LOVE that Jesus has for all of us. Guys….He has been at work on this for a long time!! I know that none of us are perfect but He has chosen you, AND EQUIPPED YOU, to serve in this great and valuable undertaking! Go with the understanding that He is right there with you and will take your efforts and magnify them tremendously to bring glory to Himself! You don’t know how much I wish I could be there with you but I know that you guys will do great! Just know that there are prayers going up for you in Arizona!

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