2017 Louisiana Crusade Day 4

Day four of the trip was the busiest day.  We saw three different groups of men and had the opportunity to share the Gospel with each of them.

The first group we visited with was Camp J which was also called a Trustees Camp.  the men there have years of good behavior and the security isn’t as high as other parts of the prison.  The men there did an excellent job of preparing the field.  We played two competitive games and won them both.  Kevin Greene did a great job of sharing his life story with the men on the yard there.  Kevin is one of the most genuine guys in the entire ministry and I appreciate his story about how God changed his life.  Kirk Smith shared several laughs with the men on the yard before explaining to the men how important it was that they know Jesus as their Savior.

The 2nd stop of the day was to the east side of the main unit.  We lost the game, but Jason Culver shared his story about how he came to meet Jesus, and Jimmy Cochran shared the Gospel during the preaching time.  Kevin Greene and I were able to hand out literature and had several good conversations during the preaching time.  We ran into one inmate who was a believer.  We talked with him for a few minutes and prayed for him and his kids.  We ran into another inmate who was a little more confrontational about the Gospel and was a little defensive to our being there.  He told us that he was surprised that we weren’t there to condemn him and the other inmates for what they had done.  We had a few brief moments to share that God has forgiven us all of so much and that His Grace is extended to everyone.  Sadly, he really didn’t want anything to do with what we said.  Conversations like that happen from time to time.  We can take comfort in knowing that God doesn’t hold us responsible for whether or not he made a decision to follow Him.  He does, however, command us to share the Gospel.  Although I am sad that he was too proud to discuss where he stood with Christ, I am glad that we obeyed and talked with him as long as we could.

After the game the Chaplain took us to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary building.  This is an actual four year Bible College inside of the prison that has been around for over 20 years.  Since its inception, the prison has seen 274 inmates graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry.  Several of those graduates have become pastors and mentors inside of the prison.  Others have left Louisiana State Penitentiary as missionaries so they can plant churches in other state facilities.  Needless to say, no other facility I have ever been to has a program like this!  It was a great blessing to see how God is working in Angola to use men for His purposes.

Our final stop of the day was back in the main unit.  We played an evening softball game (which we won!).  Doug Metzger shared his incredible journey how God has pulled him through several years of running from God.  His testimony is so powerful and resonates with the men on the yard.  Ed Mosely shared the Gospel and shared a solid message on how God forgives us from sin and how important it is to follow Him!

Overall on the day we saw 11 men indicate that they wanted to follow Jesus!


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