The Blessing of Going to Pontiac is…

The blessing of traveling to Pontiac is…going to be delayed by one week!

The prison called yesterday to inform us that a situation had come up that is going to prevent us from visiting this weekend but they worked quickly and we are scheduled to visit NEXT weekend.

In the meantime, that gives us an extra week to pray for our rescheduled visit to Pontiac.  I have had a lot of people ask me this last week, “How can we pray for your visit?”  I have a great team of supporters who pray for The Saints Prison Ministry regularly and I was really encouraged by the willingness for them to pray for this trip.

  • Hearts of the Inmates–  Please pray for this.  Please pray that the hearts of the inmates are open and that God draws them closer to Him.
  • 1 on 1 conversations–  With the schedule change on short notice, we are going to lose a couple of guys due to prior commitments and will travel with a smaller group than normal.  We will have enough guys but we will won’t cover the prison yard as well as we typically would.  Please pray that we still have time and opportunities to minister to the men through 1 on 1 engagement.  This is really one of the most powerful ways that we share the Gospel.
  • Discipleship of the Inmates–  We will see men make decisions to follow Jesus next Saturday but please pray that God brings other groups and other mentors into their lives who will help them grow in their walk with the Lord.
  • Traveling Mercies–  Pontiac is one of our shortest trips of the year, however, it is important that we arrive on time and arrive safely.  Please pray for our team and our bus as we make the trip up I-55.
  • Speakers–  As of right now, our speaking lineup should remain the same as it would have been this weekend.  Robert Cook and I will share the Gospel.  Drew Aberle and Jeremy Haab will be sharing their testimony.  Pray that we are clear and effective as we speak.
  • Team Performance and Unity–  As I mentioned earlier, we may be a little short handed.  Please pray that we play well enough with what we have so that the men will be engaged as we speak.

Thank you for all of the support over the years.  It really is a blessing to share the Gospel in prison by using softball.

I have really enjoyed answering questions and discussing the ministry this Spring as we get ready for the season.  If anyone has any questions about what we do please send me an email at 

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