Early Morning Visit to Vandalia Correctional Center

Tomorrow we are making our second visit ever to Vandalia Correctional Center.  Last year we saw 13 men make decisions to follow Jesus.  We are really looking forward to heading back tomorrow morning!  Here are a few specific prayer requests for the day:

  • We leave Morton at 4:30 am to head south.  This will also be the longest trip we have ever taken with our bus.  Please pray for alarm clocks, tires, and traveling mercies as we head there and back again.
  • We will be seeing two groups of men there and will hopefully get four softball games in.  Please pray that God has already been working on the hearts of the men there and that we will see men that will repent and follow Jesus!
  • Darrell Pine is preaching in the morning session and Jeremy Test will be sharing his testimony.
  • Ben Morrow is preaching in the afternoon session and Derek Leith will be sharing his testimony.
  • Our team is made up of some awesome Godly men, but pray that we grow closer to Him during these trips and that we will sharpen each other!
  • Please keep Missionary Athlete, Ray Koonce in prayer as he is recovering from wrist surgery.

Thank you for all of the prayer and financial support in 2017.  I am looking forward to sharing all of the stories about tomorrow’s adventure!

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