“I’ll Just Plan on Meeting You at the Airport in Pittsburgh!”- Ohio Crusade and Jacksonville Preview

There are several things that I had planned not to say this week.

Things such as:

That was a brilliant move by the Chicago Bears management to acquire that quarterback


I wish my Maserati got better in town gas mileage


I just knew that those good folks in Springfield would get that whole budget thing figured out!“-  (Must be a resident of Illinois to understand this one!)

Also included on this list was:

I guess I’ll just plan on meeting you at the airport in Pittsburgh!

Normally I would have no reason to ever say that sentence but I actually did find myself texting that to my good friend and Southeast Regional Director, Jimmy Cochran earlier this week.

Due to some logistics there was an opportunity for a couple of Missionary Athletes to join the Pennsylvania Saints team on a five day trip to Northeast Ohio next month.  I had been planning on going on the Fall Crusade in Florida but I am looking forward to serving in Ohio.  Ohio holds a dear spot in my heart since that is where I went on my first Crusade in 2011.  Ohio is also where the Cubs won the World Series last year so that of course holds the rest of the dear spots in my heart!  I am looking forward to this trip for some sentimental value but I am looking forward to the opportunity to share the Gospel in six different Ohio facilities with some great guys from the Northeast part of the ministry.  I will be flying to Pittsburgh and will be meeting up with the team as we continue on to Northeast Ohio.  I will be sharing some more details about the trip in the coming days but please keep our team made up of missionary athletes from Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Illinois in prayer!

Our Illinois team will hit the field again next Saturday (7/8) as we travel to Pittsfield and Jacksonville Correctional Center.  This will be our third trip to these facilities and we are looking forward to sharing the Gospel with them.  Sam Isbell will be sharing his testimony and Robert Cook will be sharing the Gospel with the men at Pittsfield Work Camp.  Jesse Miller will be sharing his testimony and I will be sharing the Gospel with the men at Jacksonville Correctional Center.  Since this is our third trip, please pray for the men who may have heard the Gospel previously and pray that they might make a decision to follow Jesus.  Also pray that we will engage them boldly on and off the field.

There is a God in heaven who has planned out each moment of 2017 and He desires that each man we encounter in prison to know Him!  Please keep us in prayer as we share the news about Him!

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