11 Days to Go!

Tonight we had a good team meeting and we have guys chomping at the bit to go and minister to the men at FCI Pekin.  I can’t say it enough, but I am very proud of the team that we are taking in. 

I think I shared this on Facebook last year but I wanted to share it again.  This is a letter from one of the inmates from FCI Greenville after one of our visits last year. 

We can use all the prayer support we can get as a team and the inmates need prayer for salvation and growth.  With this post I would like to encourage everyone to pray for the interactions and indivdual conversations that we will be having next weekend.  Many of the conversations will be about the Gospel and some will be about how they miss their family and their kids.  Some of the conversations will be about the game or their favorite professional team.  Some of the coolest stories are the ones about how they got saved in prison and how ulitmately prison was the best thing that could have happened to them.  I’m looking forward to telling the stories when we get back! 

Thank you for the prayer support!! 


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