The season is now less than a month away now.  The anticipation and excitement is building!  Prayer for our team as we continue to prepare for our season.  We are having our 2nd practice of the year tomorrow afternoon.  Also pray for our team support.  We are 62% of our needed team support for the season.  One final request is that we are looking for a church van or bus to use for the season.

God has supplied a great group of guys on our team.  These guys understand the concept of being a missionary first and an athlete second.  I want to share a quick story from one of our missionary athletes, Jeremy Test from our visit to Danville last fall. 

Last year at Danville Correctional Center, I was selected to give my testimony and was extremely nervous to speak in front of everyone.  But I was also extremely blessed: an inmate named Craig approach me just before the start of the second game and asked me questions about my testimony and how it changed my life, as well as the lives of my family. 

I could tell that Craig was very curious about how my relationship with the Lord had helped me to overcome things in the past and wanted to hear more detail. As the second game was starting, I told my coach to put someone else in my spot and over an hour with Craig, talking about how God’s grace covers any sins he had committed in his past, salvation, why I am a Christian, and how my family life has been affected by my relationship with Christ.

Craig told me at the end of our conversation that he had not yet made a decision to turn his life over to the Lord but was going to look in Christianity more. As we parted ways, I prayed with Craig and he told me he looked forward to seeing me if we come back to Danville Correctional Center in the future.  I am excited to return to Danville Correctional Center in August and visit with Craig again! 

God really used last season to impact my walk with Him; from being nervous about a five-minute testimony to carrying on an hour long conversation with one inmate, He showed me areas of growth in my life that I never even thought to look for.  I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for the Central Illinois Saints again this year!

 Jeremy Test

Central Illinois Saints #24

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