Only 8 days to go!

What a crazy busy summer!  Sorry for taking so long to post!  At this time next week we will be having our final team meeting to prepare for our first game at Greenville Federal Prison (It was supposed to be Taylorville but they changed plans on us a few weeks ago)!  We will be playing 4 games against 2 different prison units.  Our team has been working hard on the field playing in our local church league.  We have been using these games as “Spring Training” games in order to get prepped and ready.  Our team has been working hard off of the field raising support and adding prayer partners to their prayer teams. 

I have appreciated all of the prayer and encouragement over the last few weeks leading up to our big day.  I have been physically prepping for next weekend.  I have been soda free for 26 days!  I have been riding the exercise bike 8 miles every morning.  I am also doing some lifting and pushups every morning as well.  I have also been at Kartville quite a bit wearing out the pitching machine!

I have also been preparing spiritually.  I’m someone who struggles to pray daily but I have been praying for my teammates as several of them will be going to prison for the first time ever!  I have been praying for the men we will talk with as well.  These men are our mission field! 

I would ask that you continue to pray for our team.  We have 16 players on our trip, 2 from Georgia and one from New Jersey.  Pray for team unity and safety as we all travel.  Pray that we play good softball over that weekend!  That’s a funny prayer request to pray for winning but it is actually important!  If we don’t play well, the inmates often won’t stay for our Gospel presentation!  So please pray for our physically abilities as well!  Please pray that God prepares the inmates for the Gospel message and that we can be an encouragement for those in prison who are believers already!

I would ask you to pray for our support level as a team.  We have a few guys who need to reach their financial and prayer support goals.  If you would like to support one of them please let me know by contacting me at  !  You can also give online at

Thanks again for all of your support!

Go Saints Go!!

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