We’re Going to Kentucky!- 2017 Kentucky Crusade Preview

This Thursday, two of my Illinois teammates and I will be traveling to Lexington, Kentucky to participate in “The Land of Tomorrow” Crusade to Eastern Kentucky.

This isn’t a typical Crusade visit for me since the three of us will only be participating in the last three days of the Crusade, but we have the opportunity to help the New Jersey team with some manpower late in the trip!

The team will be visiting the following facilities:

8/15-  Blackburn CC (The Saints won both games!  They handed out 81 Gospels and saw 9 men make a decision to follow Christ!)

8/16-  Little Sandy CC

8/17-  Eastern Kentucky CC

Then, we will join them for the following prisons:

8/18-  Northpoint Training Center

8/19-  Kentucky State Reformatory

8/20- Luther Luckett CC

How to Pray:

  • Please keep the men that we are ministering to in prayer!  Pray that God would draw these men closer to Him!  Pray that we would have wisdom when we talk with them.
  • Please keep us in prayer as we travel and meet the team late Thursday night!  We will leaving work, kissing wives goodbye, and heading east to join the team on Thursday.  Even though we aren’t taking the bus or flying, keep us in prayer anyway!  (haha!)
  • Please keep the team that is currently ministering in Kentucky in prayer as they play and share the Gospel during the first three days of the trip
  • We will be sharing the Gospel eleven times on the trip!  Please pray for the speakers as they present the Gospel clearly
  • Please pray for team unity.  We have Missionary Athletes coming New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Illinois!  Any time we have that many different backgrounds it is always a blast and memories are made.  I am looking forward to going into prison with them on Friday morning!

How to Praise!:

  • I have a great support base who have bathed the ministry in prayer and who have really gotten behind what I do with the Saints!  It is their support that allowed me to raise enough funds to go on this trip and help out the ministry!
  • I managed to get not only this Friday off of work but have been able to take time off for Saints trips this year and in past years.
  • Thank you to my beautiful wife for being so supportive of me being gone to serve with the Saints!

I am looking forward to this trip.  I will be writing about the trip on my blog and on my Facebook posts so please stay tuned for some updates!

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