Our Support Letter

This is a copy of our support letter for the Saints.  Our team has a goal of finding 10 prayer partners for every member of our softball to pray for us as we play softball and minister in prison.  We also have a team goal of raising $4,000.  If you would didn’t receive a support letter or want to be on our email list, please let us know by emailing us at tgibson62@gmail.com

Dear Friends and Family,

Most of you know what a baseball and softball fanatic I am!  I have been blessed to find a ministry where I can combine my love of the game with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ!  This summer I have the opportunity to play slow-pitch softball in several prisons in Illinois with a group called the Saints Prison Ministry (www.saintsprisonministry.org).  There are currently teams in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Colorado.  Our hope is to play this year and to establish the Illinois Branch of the Saints. 

During our trips to prisons, we will play 2-4 games against the inmates and preach the gospel between games.  We not only have the opportunity to preach to the men on the prison softball team but also to the men in the prison yard.  There are usually 100-500 men who will hear us speak between games!  Each inmate we encounter will also receive a printed gospel of John and a decision/response card.  The response card gives the inmate an opportunity to correspond with a pen-pal, sign up for a correspondence bible study, and receive a birthday card every year!

I have been praying for several years for ways to use sports to minister and reach men with the Gospel.  God has been faithful to provide me with opportunities to reach men in our community with the annual Turkey Bowl at our church and opportunities to reach out to the kids in our community with coaching youth sports.  Last August He provided the opportunity for me to play with the New Jersey Saints team in 11 games in 4 different prisons in Ohio, and I was able to see firsthand the need for prison ministry.  I returned home with a new perspective and passion to share the gospel with these men who are forgotten by society, the church, and their families. 

As a missionary athlete I am asking for your support in a couple of areas.  I need to establish a team of people who will regularly pray for me, the Illinois Saints Team, and the inmates to whom we will minister.  Please consider being a faithful prayer supporter.  I would also like for you to prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible offering to help support the Illinois Saints Team this summer.  This money will cover travel, literature, study materials, team expenses, Bibles, and other expenses that are necessary for this ministry.  I have enclosed an orange response card and envelope if you are willing to support me and the Illinois Saints team this year. 

I plan on keeping everyone updated this year as well!  Please include your email address on the orange card so I can send out a report of how our team is doing and how we are ministering in prison!  I would also encourage you to follow the progress of our team at www.tgibson62.blogspot.com.   

In Christ,

Tom Gibson

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