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Greetings fellow bloggers!

This is where we will be sharing stories of Tom’s trips to prison to minister with the Saints Prison Ministry!  (

We will also have stories of raising Ryne, Joe, and Cal as well as some other special moments!

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  1. Hi Tom
    The support check to The Saints Prison Ministry just went out in the mail. I intend to follow your season/crusade. I also intend to pray very specific prayers for you and the specific correctional centers you go to. As you may recall I have been in most of the prisons in Illinois in my earlier career.

    Tom, I love the baseball card! 54 is my uniform number when I work semi-pro football games.

    As an old "prison hand" I have one piece of advice about dealing with cons…
    I found that God would guide me around trouble with inmates if I would just pay attention to my gut feelings. That is one way God talks to us.

    Have a great season. We will talk about it at the Turkey Bowl

    Glen Thompson

  2. Glen,

    It is big blessing to have you praying for us! I will most certainly keep you posted on what you can be specifically praying for! We will be playing our first game at Taylorville CI. We are running at least one chapel service and playing 6 games over the weekend of July 14-15.

    I have a great team of missionary athletes going with me, several of them Turkey Bowl contacts I've met throughout the years!

    Thanks again for being one of our supporters!


    Tom and Kelly

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