Facts About the Saints Prison Mnistry

Did you know that 80% of all prisoners will not attend a religious program such as a chapel service or Bible study… but they will attend a sporting event at which the Gospel is presented?

Since our founding in 1987 we have….

  • played over 3,950 games
  • visited more than 440 different prisons
  • traveled to 34 states and two countries
  • seen over 28,000 inmates make professions of faith

We currently…

  • correspond with over 31,000 inmates in more than 450 different prisons in several different countries
  • distribute more than 16,000 Gospels of John per year

We also operate…

  • The Saints Bible Correspondence School with an enrollment of over 125active students and more than 150 graduates per year
  • The Glove Exchange, providing a tangible method of demonstrating God’s love to the inmate population.

In Illinois in 2016 we…

  • visted 7 separate prisons
  • were in 5 of those prisons for the first time ever
  • played in front of 911 prisoners
  • had our best season yet, 17-5!
  • saw 861 of them stay to hear the Gospel message
  • collected 528 response cards from the inmates
  • were privileged to witness 160 men make a first-time Profession of faith in Jesus Christ
  • distributed 848 Gospels of John
  • The national recidivism rate is…
    75% for all prisoners
    38% for born-again inmates
    15% to 18% for discipled believers